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"Hello again dear reader. Many people ask me how Gumdrop got his name and here I will tell you the story."


It was on a sunny day in March, a very long time ago, that a young boy stood by the gates of The Austin Motor Company. He stood there most days after school, to watch the new cars coming out of the factory, This boy liked a lot of things, but he liked cars best of all in the world,

As he stood watching, he saw yet another car being rolled into the forecourt. He opened his eyes even wider than usual because, somehow, this car was different. It was blue with black wings and a brass radiator. It had a black hood and four brass lamps which sparkled in the sunshine. But what made this car so different was the curly brass horn bolted to the windscreen! This was the most beautiful Austin Clifton Heavy 12/4 that he had ever seen in his life.

"That's the car for me!" he shouted, and the men around the car laughed. "Wait until you hear the engine," called out the foreman as he placed himself in the driving seat.

He set the levers on the steering wheel and pulled the choke out. Then he pressed his foot on the starter button. The car went "Guuuuum". The foreman pushed in the choke and pulled out the ignition button and pressed his foot again. This time the car went "Drrrropopopop" and the engine started.

The boy was enchanted. What a lovely sound; "Guuuuum-Drrrropopopop". As if the car had called out his own name. "That's it!" he declared to one and all. "That's his name. GUMDROP!" and he felt convinced that Gumdrop was the only car for him.



" And that, dear reader, is how Gumdrop got his name. Click on my picture to find out the rest of the story."


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