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Gumdrop to the Rescue (1986)


Gumdrop for Ever (1987)

When Mr. Oldcastle receives some money it goes straight to his head and he thinks about trading Gumdrop in for a vintage Rolls-Royce . But Gumdrop and Horace do not like this idea and, when the visit a posh car showroom Horace lifts he leg against the Rolls Royce and scratches it. Gumdrop backfires and fills the showroom with black smoke. Next he tries to swop Gumdrop for a Jaguar but Horace releases the handbrake and Gumdrop rolls down the hill and smashes the front of the Jaguar. Mr. Oldcastle eventually gives up and accepts that Gumdrop is his special car.


Gumdrop and the Dinosaur (1988)


Gumdrop and the Pirates (1980)


Gumdrop and the Elephant (1990)

Mr.Oldcastle and Gumdrop visit a zoo and find it dirty, with the animals hungry and cold and in cramped cages. When Mr. Oldcastle gives Bunbo the elephant a bun Barney Bigshot, the owner, fires his gun and tells him to stop. Bunbo escapes through a hole in the wall and runs away. Gumdrop gives chase and after many adventures their way is blocked by a police car. Barney arrives in his truck, fires his gun again, and accuses Mr. Oldcastle of stealing his elephant. Mr.Oldcastle is about to be arrested when Sir Marmaduke Rickety Cobweb arrives and offers a good home to the animals at his Safari Park. The police arrest Barney for cruelty to animals and having a gun without a licence.


Gumdrop and the Bulldozer (1993)

Gumdrop is nearly scooped up by a bulldozer when he visits Mildew Manor because workmen are building a motorway right through the safari park. Mr Oldcastle and Sir Marmaduke make a line with all the animals to stop the bulldozers and, while Gumdrop is carrying their food to them, he becomes stuck in the mud. In the hole he makes they find a Roman vase showing that there is an buried Roman villa under the safari Park. The experts and the TV people come to see it and Gumdrop's find saves the Safari park and its animals.


Gumdrop's Merry Christmas (1997)


Gumdrop and the Martians (1998)


Gumdrop's School Adventure(2001)




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