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Jacket illustration by Val Biro


©Nigel Tranter
Published by Ward Lock, 1951,
The action of this book is set in the 20th century

The text of this synopsis is taken from the bookjacket.

Craikness House was a lonely house. Why should a personable young woman live there alone. Iain Findlater wanted to know.

Being a news editor, he was of an enquiring turn of mind. He was told, too - stories, strange and tragic stories.But none, in the event, were so strange or more tragic than that in which Findlater found himself involved, on the shores of Craikmouth Bay. He may have had the right kind of head for a news editor but he had the wrong kind of heart.

In Tidewrack, a tale of the empty saltings of a great estuary, Nigel Tranter takes you to the East Lothian coasts of the Firth of Forth, in as enthralling a story as has yet come from his pen.