The church where Nigel and May were married on the 11th July 1933.
Where Nigel was also a leading figure in establishing the Flag Heritagee Centre.

The Kirkyard

Ray continues. --- " In the kirkyard stands the Saltire Memorial, with plaque, designed by Nigel's best man Eric Stevenson, depicting the scene. It is a windy spot and they get through two flags a year, selling the tattered remnants to sentimental tourists to take home with them to Canada or the United States".


From the information board at Athelstane Church.

The saltire is the 'flag of the people' of Scotland and the lion rampant being strictly the royal standard.


The Doocot
The Flag Heritage Centre
Situated behind the church

Toby and Oddrun inside the Doocot
listening to the audio commentary

Nigel was instrumental is setting up the present display of the saltire and thereby keeping alive the traditional legend.

In her biography of Nigel Ray Bradfield describes Nigel's involvement with Athelstaneford in the 1960s on pages 103/4. She says

" It is thanks to Nigel Tranter that the blue and white Saltire of Scotland flies day and night over the village where it was born, for it was he who was instrumental in setting up the flag fund in the 1960s and establishing the Flag Heritage Centre in the doocot behind the kirk where there is a sound commentry about the battle and the flag."

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The Memorial Seat

A seat, in memory of Nigel has now been erected on the site at Athelstaneford just behind the Doocot. This picture is reproduced with thanks to Rory, one of our list members.


The Tranter Exhibition

Athelstaneford Church is an excellent venue for the Tranter Exhibition and it would be nice to think that the exhibition is now established in a permanent venue because of the personal connection of Nigel to the church and Doocot. That remains to be decided. The following pictures show the storyboards and glass cases in the church. Information about these is detailed in the reports about the setting up of the exhibition in 2003 in Lennoxlove. See main menu

One of the exhibition storyboards in the church

The Doocot
One of thedisplay cases of Tranter memorabilia
Note the ancient typewriter ---- no wordprocessing for Nigel.






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