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Member Poll (September 2002)

  First Tranter Favorites Most Recent
Summary: 28 entries part of the Bruce Trilogy: 13
Macbeth the King: 2
part of the Stewart Trilogy: 2
The Wallace: 3
The Bruce Trilogy: 12
Columba: 6
Lord of the Isles: 2
The Admiral: 3
Triple Alliance: 3
part of the Bruce Trilogy: 2
End of the Line: 2
Lord of the Isles: 2
A Stake in the Kingdom: 2
Stewart Trilogy: 2

Member First Tranter Date Favorites Most Recent Number Read Next/Number To be Read
and Other Comments
Alison Bruce Trilogy 14 yrs old Bruce Trilogy
Stewart Trilogy
Rob Roy 40
(have 80)
Annemarie Envoy Extraordinary Dec-00 Columba Lord of the Isles 20 Bruce Trilogy and the rest
Calum Bruce Trilogy   Bruce Trilogy Stewart Trilogy   either the Macgregor trilogy or Tranter's Scotland
Cameron Bruce Trilogy too long ago Columba or
Druid Sacrifice
Nye Tredgold: Trail Herd
The Big Corral
~ 145 all but
ALL - reread again for enjoyment
Chuck Path of the Hero King 80's High Kings and Vikings
Macbeth the King
True Thomas
The Wallace
Bruce Trilogy
Montrose Omnibus
The Admiral
Highness in Hiding
90? 2 or 3
Craig Steps to the Empty Throne early 80's Chain of Destiny
Tinker's Pride
The Admiral 60? next one published
Debbie Mary Stewart Omnibus 1999 Price of a Princess
Bruce Trilogy
End of the Line 10 Druid Sacrifice; about 20 more waiting to be read
Dominick Stewart Trilogy 1997 Bruce Trilogy Kenneth 11 Columba
Donna Rob Roy MacGregor Sep-96 Lord of the Isles
Bruce Trilogy
The Heartland
Mammon's Daughter
58 61
George Balefire 1958-1960 Columba
The Wallace
Columba (reread)    
Heili Macbeth May-97 Bruce Trilogy
Courting Favour   very long list
Hilding Bruce Trilogy 1972 Bruce Trilogy The Admiral 70 several childrens and non-historical novels
Ian Bruce Trilogy 1984 Lord of the Isles
Bruce Trilogy
Mail Royal
True Thomas
Triple Alliance 120 Nothing specific - looking for a copy of "Nestor the Monster"
other favorites include Rum Week
Scottish Castles, Tales and Traditions
The Story of Scotland
James The Wallace ~1980 Bruce Trilogy Envoy Extraordinary   Total read: every historical novel up to "EE"
Jud Macbeth the King 07 '01 Bruce Trilogy Stewart Trilogy 13 The Admiral and then 7 more
Kenneth Steps to the Empty Throne 1992/93 Bruce Trilogy
Montrose Omnibus
The Lion's Whelp
The Admiral
20 4: Triple Alliance, the McGregor Trilogy
Kyoko Story of Scotland 1992 Bruce Trilogy Rough Wooing 12  
Len Bruce Trilogy 2002 Bruce Trilogy
Lord of the Isles 7? about 50
Nancy Lord of the Isles
Lion Let Loose
1990 or 91 Columba
Bruce Trilogy
Steps To The Empty Throne
Triple Alliance
25 The Path of the Hero King + others
Niall The Queens Grace 1966 Columba
Bruce Trilogy
The Man Behind the Curtain   dozens
Paul Bruce Trilogy   Bruce Trilogy A Stake In The Kingdom   about 4, I think!
Phil Stewart Trilogy 1997 Children of the Mist
Macbeth the King
Warden of the Queens March 55 Hopefully, Root and Branch, if i can ever find a copy that's in my price range
Rebecca The Wallace recently   Macbeth the King    
Rory   1988 Ducks & Drakes
(difficult question!)
Triple Alliance can't count that high  
Russ The Wallace 1997 Flowers of Chivalry Stewart Trilogy 8 MacGregor Trilogy
Simon Path to an Empty Throne Dec-79 James Trilogy Triple Alliance 70? Stake in The Kingdom and Flame for The Fire  
Tam Bruce Trilogy 1981 Stewart Trilogy Bruce Trilogy (reread) 52  
Vivienne The Master of Gray 1966 Columba
Druid Sacrifice
David the Prince
Lord of the Isles
Wendy Bruce Trilogy 1992 Bruce Trilogy
End of the Line 18 Children of the Mist


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