Nigel Tranter


The Queen's Grace 1st Edition Cover (1953) The Courtesan 1st Edition Cover (1963) 
The Flockmasters 1st Edition Cover (1960)
Above are shown three first edition covers from Ward Lock Books.

This page is provided as service to all booksellers and collectors of Nigel's books.

Rather than to have to trawl through hundreds of pages of the internet I hope enthusiasts will readily find that elusive title that they need to add to their collection.

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Cameron's Timeline of Nigel's hardback and paperback first editions. 1935 to 2000
Full details of all books with brief comments about many of them. The only complete listing on the WWW. Invaluable to all collectors.

A chronology of Nigel's historical novels.
Listed by the century in which the story is set.

Nigel Tranter books to buy
Links to some internet booksellers who may just have what you need to add to your collection.

Link to Cameron's 'Appreciation of Nigel's life's work'.
Includes a brief biography, a page about Nigel's special interest in Castles and a section where you can write comments about his work.

Hints and Tips about Collecting Books
This link is to the FAQ from the Newsgroup rec.collecting.books and contains a mine of information and links about all aspects of book collecting.

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