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At Lennoxlove

Pictures by Vivienne and text by Cameron


The first impression one has of the Tranter room is that it is small. One expects an exhibition about a man of Nigel's stature to be larger. However, having said that, the whole concept is in keeping with the reality of Nigel 'The Author'.

His study or 'Phrontistery' (A room for thinking or writing) in Quarry House WAS small.

In Nigel's Biography 'Nigel Tranter Scotland's Storyteller' B&W, 1999. Ray Bradfield says;

" A cluttered broom cupboard, you might say, except that there were no brooms. And there's a window. Otherwise, a table loaded with books and papers, an elderly manual typewriter presiding, the whole arranged with its back to the window. On the desk an old shoe-box full of laces, broken and ragged with age, most of them apparently from trainers. Bookcases crammed and teetering, a huge set of folded maps, a steel filing-cupboard."

In the centre of the wall, facing the door, of the Tranter room is an enclosed display case where you will see at least three of the above mentioned items.

Apart from drawing your attention to one of the two sets of laminated book covers in the foreground I will leave you to spot them and suggest that, for a closer look, you might like to go to part two via the 'continue' link below.