The Bridge Project


The Challenge

The Solution

The challenge was to disguise the culvert where the burn flowed under the main road. This was achieved by building a bridge and steps and planting moisture loving plants including Gunnera Manicata, Rodgersia, Astilbe and Ligularia plus a 'Russian Vine' to create an arch.


The Mature Project 3 years Later



The 'Kerbside Appeal' Project

Whether you are selling your house or just enjoying living in it 'kerbside appeal' is always important. This was the challenge with this bungalow.

The solution. After removal of the conifers and building of a sandstone wall to form a raised bed the emphasis was on plants, In the completed project you will see a Golden Hop, Bottlebrush, Hydrangea Petiolarus and tubs of surfinia petunias with a beautiful Acer 'Brilliantissimum' slowly growing in the middle of the raised bed.. .



The Pergola Project

The 'Golden Hop' Humulus Lupulus Aureus was chosen to 'clothe' the pergola in the summertime.
This plant has the great advantage of dying back each autumn allowing easy maintainance and wood treatment of the pergola framework during the winter.