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The Adventures of a Vintage Car (1966)


Gumdrop and the Farmerís friend (1967)

Mr. Oldcastle lends Gumdriop to his friend Bill McArran and Bill meets up with an old traction engine that has broken down on its way to a vintage rally. Bill fixes it and it drives off. Gumdrop runs out of petrol and Bill heads off to a garage with a can. Two men in a tow truck see Gumdrop at the side of the road and decide to steal him but, as they drive off, they are held up by the parade of vintage cars headed by the slow moving traction engine. And Gumdrop is saved.


Gumdrop on the Rally (1968)


Gumdrop on the Move (1969)

Mr. Oldcastle had to sell Gumdrop and, some time later he saw that he was for sale in an auction. The car is sold to Mr Banger who then sells it to a racing driver. After a number of owners, who all remove bits and pieces of Gumdrop, Mr Oldcastle comes across a wreck in a farmer's field. At the local scrap dealers he finds all the pieces that the various owners have sold and, when he re-builds the wreck, he realises that he has his old Gumdrop back again


Gumdrop goes to London (1971)


Gumdrop Finds a Friend (1973)


Gumdrop in Double Trouble (1975)





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