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"For many years now Val and Gumdrop go on school visits. Only once was I allowed to go with them but I hear from Gumdrop all about the children and how well they do. Now I will tell you what one of those school visits is like."


The best way to let you know what happens when Gumdrop and Val visit a school is to use the book 'Gumdrop goes to School' as an example. There we can see, Mr. Oldcastle, doing all the things that Val does on a school visit.

Gumdrop was, of course, left out in the playground while the talk was going on " Gumdrop will be quite safe here," said Mr Chalky Cheese, the Headteacher."I have asked one of our big boys to look after him."

Just the same Mr. Oldcastle fiddled with something under the bonnet. "Better safe than sorry." he muttered.

Usually there are many more children than you can see in this drawing. Sometimes even the school hall is used and the children do often sit on the floor. In the school the children surrounded Mr Oldcastle and asked him where the horn was."One thing at a time," smiled Mr Oldcastle.

When the children settled down Mr Oldcastle drew a picture of Gumdrop on the blackboard. Then he told them a story about one of Gumdrop's adventures. The children liked the horn best of all, and Mr Oldcastle HONK--ed it to make them jump.

After the stories and the horn Mr Oldcastle said ”Let’s all go out and take a good look at Gumdrop himself.” And they all trooped out into the school yard. But Gumdrop wasn’t there! “Where’s Gumdrop?” the children cried “ Gumdrop’s been stolen.” And they ran all over looking for him.

Mr Oldcastle was quite calm. “Follow me!” he said and led the way down the drive to the gate and there was Gumdrop with the big boy, Roddy, at the wheel. “I’m very s-sorry.” he stammered because he was upset, "but when I drove Gumdrop the engine stopped. I hope I haven’t b-broken it.

Mr Oldcastle smiled and said “It stopped because I turned on the secret switch. Now don’t you drive cars away until you have one of your own.” They all returned to school and drew pictures about Gumdrop, Mr Oldcastle and me and the teacher stuck them on the wall. The pictures on the left are from St. Hilary's School, Godalming.

At the end of the lesson everyone came out to wave goodbye to Gumdrop and Mr Oldcastle as they drove off.

" So now you know. dear friends. what Val and Gumdrop do when they visit a school. Below I am happy to show you some of the drawings and letters that children have sent to Val after he has been to their school."






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