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Produced by Farnham Film Company

"Now dear reader this is something you should not miss. They are great for a Christmas or Birthday present"


Farnham Films have produced a series of 26 x 5 minutes programmes that have been shown on Channel 4 and Living TV, and have sold around the world. Now you can own the stories on two DVDs each with 13 titles. They are beautifully presented with wonderful camera work using Val's artwork and they have an excellent commentary by Nigel Planer.

"Imagine watching 26 Gumdrop stories on your TV set. You will probably watch them over and over again."


For information about how to order these wonderful DVDs and also view an example of one of the stories 'Gumdrop and the Secret Switches' go to Farnham's web site using the following picture link;


Farnham Film Company



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