1991- The present
The Fortalices.
Mammon's Daughter
Harsh Heritage
Eagle's Feathers
The Gilded Fleece
Delayed Action
Tinker's Pride
Flight of Dutchmen
Man's Estate
Island Twilight
Root and Branch
Colours Flying
The Chosen Course
Fair Game
Heartbreak Valley
High Spirits
Thirsty Range
The Freebooters
Fast and Loose
Big Corral
Bridal Path
Cheviot Chase
Trail Herd
Ducks and Drakes
Desert Doublecross
The Queen's Grace
Rum Week
The Night Riders
Cloven Hooves
There are Worse Jungles
Rio D'Oro
Dynamite Trail
The Long Coffin
Rancher Renegade
Trailing Trouble
MacGregor's Gathering
The Enduring Flame
The Stone
Bloodstone Trail
Spaniard's Isle
Border Riding
The Man Behind the Curtain
The Clansman
Nestor the Monster
Spanish Galleon
The Flockmasters
Kettle of Fish
Lord and Master
Birds of a Feather
The Deer Poachers
Gold for Prince Charlie
Drug on the Market
The Fortified House Vol I
Something Very Fishy
The Courtesan
The Fortified House Vol 2
Give a Dog a Bad Name
Silver Island
Pegasus Book of Scotland
Chain of Destiny
The Fortified House Vol 3
Outlaw of the Highlands
Past Master
The Fortified House Vol 4
A Stake in the Kingdom
Lion Let Loose
Tinker Tess
Fire and High Water
Cable From Kabul
Land of the Scots
To the Rescue
Black Douglas
Robert The Bruce Vol 1
The Heartland
Robert The Bruce Vol II
Portrait of the Border Country
The Eastern Counties
The Young Montrose Montrose
The North East
The Wisest Fool
The Wallace
Lords of Misrule
A Folly of Princes
The Captive Crown
Argyll and Bute
MacBeth the King
Portrait of the Lothians
Margaret the Queen
David the Prince
True Thomas
Nigel Tranter's Scotland
The Patriot
Scottish Castles
Lord of the Isles
Unicorn Rampant
The Riven Realm
James by the Grace of God
Scotland of Robert the Bruce
Rough Wooing
The Story of Scotland
Cache Down
Flowers of Chivalry
Mail Royal
Warden of the Queen's March

Footbridge to Enchantment
Children of the Mist
Druid Sacrifice
Tapestry of the Boar
Price of a Princess
Lord in Waiting
Highness in Hiding
Honours Even
A Rage of Regents
Poetic Justice
The Marchman
The Lion's Whelp
High Kings and Vikings
A Flame for the Fire
Sword of State
Envoy Extraordinary
Courting Favour
The End of the Line
The Admiral
Triple Alliance
The Islesman
Right Royal Friend
Marie and Mary
Hope Endures