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Jacket illustration Charlotte Naysmith/University of Dundee. Photo Bridgeman Library.


©Nigel Tranter
Published by Hodder and Stoughton, Due December 2003,
ISBN The action of this book is set Circa 1603

The text of this synopsis is taken from the bookjacket.

David Murray, the young son of Sir Andrew, a Perthshire Laird, has no aspirations to greatness. Then a chance encounter with King James the Sixth leads to his becoming Cup Bearer and Master of the Horse to his young liege. Together with James's foster brother John Erskine Master of Mar, the three men enter a new era of political intrigue and dynastic manoeuvring.

When David meets and falls in love with Elizabeth Beaton he hopes that he can distance himself from court events and lead a quiet family life in his beloved Perthshire hills. But the demands of a right royal friend lead him straight back into the thick of one of the most notable periods of Scots and English history.

For those living through that era it was a time of dramatic political and religious changes bringing exciting and enriching experiences. These are brought vividly to life by the master of the Scottish historical novel, Nigel Tranter.