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As my first edition copy does not have a dustwrapper I am, for the moment, illustrating this page with the cover illustration of the 1997 B & W, Edinburgh,, edition.

The Freebooters

©Nigel Tranter
Published by Ward Lock, 1950,
The action of this book is set just after the Second World War.

The text of this synopsis is taken from the bookjacket of the B & W Edition.

Set just after the second World War, 'The Freebooters' is the story of Adrian Hope, a young man recently returned from service with the resistance forces behing enemy lines in occupied Europe. Unable to settle back into civilian life, Hope becomes involved in the cause of Scottish Nationalism, and with the help of a small but determined group of Glaswegians, he sets out to challenge the authority of the Government in Westminster.

A series of increasingly ambitious escapades quickly leads to national notoriety for Hope and his friends - and the start of a manhunt throughout the length and breadth of Scotland, as the police try to track them down.

Featuring many of the characters who also appeared in 'The Stone' - Nigel Tanter's classic tale of the Stone of Destiny - 'The Freebooters' was considered by many to have inspired the actual taking of the Stone from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Eve 1950.