PART I.....1935--1971

  • 1935 --- The Fortalices and Early Mansions of Southern Scotland, 1400-1650......The Moray Press, Edinburgh.
    Nigel's first book, written at the age of 24, and covering some 186 fortified dwellings, with pen and ink illustrations by Nigel. This book reflects the interest that he had in such buildings since his childhood. Later this interest provided a 'springboard' to his 'Fortified Houses' series and this , in turn, became the starting point of his writing of historical novels.)
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  • 1937 --- Trespass.....( The Moray Press, Edinburgh. A small print run -- then the Moray Press went into liquidation.)
    1940 --- Re-issue by Ward, Lock and Co.
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  • 1939 --- Mammon's Daughter.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    Yorkshire woollen millionaire, Lord Holby, the new 'Absentee Owner' of the Monach Estate implements improvement plans the will alter the crofter's way of life for ever. Mark Stewart opposes him at every turn. While Holtby wins in the long run, the price he has to pay is the loss of his daughter to Mark.
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  • 1940 --- Harsh Heritage.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    A tale, set in the Highlands of Scotland during the infamous 'Highland Clearances' when eviction of tenants, cruelty, starvation and tragedy were commomplce every day occurrences. One act of cruelty leads to a dreadful curse being placed on Edward Neill, his family, lands and descendants. A powerful tale.
    1996 --- Paperback reprint by B & W, Edinburgh
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  • Eagles Feathers 1st Edition Cover

  • 1941 --- Eagles Feathers.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    Hugh MacAimish, a USA railroad magnate, inherits the title of 'Chief of Clan Seumas' and returns to the clan estates to re-establish crofting and the traditional way of life. While he only partially succeeds in his aims he does find romance.
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  • 1941 --- Watershed.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    This is the story of Neil Grant, home from the Sudan, who sought the wily brown trout of the Highland rivers in the place where they belonged, and found instead folly and strife - and notice-boards;
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  • 1942 --- The Gilded Fleece.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    A further story set against the Highland Clearances of 1809.Adam Metcalfe, a young Englishman, comes to work as Deputy Factor at Menardmore. The tremendous cruelty shown by John Dunn, the factor responsible for evictions, leads Adam into a serious conflict of loyalties.
    1993 --- Paperback reprint by B & W, Edinburgh
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  • 1944 --- Delayed Action.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    Written by Nigel in wartime. The story involves David Scott, leader of the Home Guard, battling with German spies who are out to steal the secrets of a Polish scientist based in the Borders. The book is dedicated to Nigel's Polish friend Janusz Sleszynski.
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  • Delayed Action 1st Edition Cover

  • 1945 --- Tinker's Pride.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    Set in Scotland of the 1930s plot of this story involves the repercussions when the the new laird, a London financier, opposes the long established way of life of Alastair MacIver, the Tinker of the title. Power and wealth versus pride and tradition makes for a memorable story.
    1979 --- Hardback reprint by Molindinar Press, Glasgow
    1994 --- Paperback reprint by B & W, Edinburgh
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  • 1946 --- Man's Estate.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    Hated by his dead uncle who deliberately ruined the family estate John,Viscount Threipwood returns to claim his inheritance. Despised by the community because of his uncle's lies the story is about his fight to re-establish Threipwood as a viable estate.
    1977 --- Ulverscroft, Large Print Hardback Edition
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  • 1947 --- Flight of Dutchmen.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    David Scott, he of 'Delayed Action' while on holiday in Norfolk gets caught up in a diamond smuggling adventure that had its origin in the Dutch soldiers stationed there during the second world war.
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  • 1947 --- Island Twilight.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    Set in Napoleonic times on Erismore, a small island in the Inner Hebrides this story is described as ' A singularly strange and gripping tale, of ancient evil and tender love, of fierce conflict and pathos and beauty'. One of Nigel's more unusual novels.
    1981 --- Hardback reprint by Richard Drew
    1996 --- Paperback reprint by B & W, Edinburgh
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  • 1948 --- Colours Flying.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
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  • 1948 --- Root and Branch.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    The MacRaes of Lochroy were a well-doing acquisitive lot, notably aware on which side their bread was buttered. But very occasionally they produced a throw-back, a branch from a very old root, deep-buried. Such a one was Simon Ruaraidh Roy MacRae.
    Read this lively, swashbuckling chronicle of the clans and the heather, and learn what fate had in store for both of them.
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  • 1949 --- The Chosen Course
    Hector Ross, returning to Scotland from Burma, tries to bring benefits to the glens by building a Hydro Electric scheme. His plan causes anger in some quarters, particularly among the land speculators.
    1980 --- Hardback reprint by Molindinar Press, Glasgow
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  • 1950 --- Hardback published by Ward Lock The Thirsty Range
    (A western under the pseudonym of Nye Tredgold. Tredgold was Nigel's Father's middle name.)The story tells of a range war caused by one rancher damming the river and its resolution by romance.

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  • 1950 --- Fair Game.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    A romantic novel that has as its backdrop, not only the wonderful setting of the Scottish Highlands but also large-scale deer poaching in the Cairngorms.
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  • 1950 --- The Freebooters.....( Ward, Lock and Co.)
    A veteran of the second world war, unable to settle, joins the Scottish Nationalist cause. This book was considered by many to have inspired the taking of the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Eve 1950.
    1997 --- Paperback reprint by B & W, Edinburgh
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  • 1950 --- High Spirits.....( Collins.)
    The basis of Nigel's extravaganza, as he calls it in his 'Author's note', is the impact made by Slugs Macian and his daughter Julie. The weaving of the differences in the background culture and values of Slugs, Julie and the highlanders they meet produces, along with Nigel's inevitable 'love interest' an unusual plot for a novel. Certainly one not to be taken seriously.
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  • 1950 --- Heartbreak Valley
    (A western under the pseudonym of Nye Tredgold) Len Hardy goes to Arizona and becomesi nvolved in a dispute between two rival ranchers. More details

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